Firework Effect Glossary

Aerial Repeaters/Cakes: A firework with one fuse that shoots multiple shots.

Bouquet: A round firework burst.

Brocade: Large round display of woven clusters in a bright star shaped burst.

Chrysanthemum: A round burst of tailed stars, very much like the flower it represents.

Comet: A star that leaves a glittering, ground to sky trail behind it.

Crackle: Points of crackling noise makers withing a firework.

Crossette: A burst with four color points that takes the shape of a cross or an X.

Dahlia: Similar to a peony but with fewer, bigger and longer lasting stars.

Fan: A firework that shoots multiple shots up at once that burst into a fan shape.

Falling Leaves: Stars that flutter back down to the ground after the initial burst.

Flying Fish: Little specks of light swarm around in the air and propel themselves outward like a school of fish.

Fountain: A firework that shoots showers of sparks out from the base, but does not shoot up into the air.

Glitter: Bright twinkling points of color within fireworks.

Go-Getter: A star that shoots off in random changing directions.

Horse Tail: A firework that has a burst resembling the shape of a horse’s tail.

Mine: An aerial effect that starts at the ground sending up a column of burning stars and effects into the sky.

Multicolor: A firework effect containing three or more colors.

Palm: Aerial display that resembles the large leaves hanging down from a palm tree.

Pearls: Bright glowing stars that rise silently into the sky before dissipating.

Peony: Flower like display that is round in shape. The stars don’t leave trails as they expand.

Pistil: Small color or effect display in the center of a larger color display.

Reloadables/Artillery Shells/Mortars: A firework kit that consists of artillery shells and tubes. You must load the shells yourself individually.

Rocket: A firework that uses a rocket instead of a lift charge to propel into the air. This includes all bottle & sky rockets. (Safety Launcher required in NH).

Roman Candle: A long tube-like firework with one fuse that shoots multiple shots (usually 5-10, but some have more). Do Not Hold In Hand.

Saturn Missiles: A firework with a single fuse that shoots up a barrage of whistlers.

Screamers: A loud, screeching whistle that shoots into the air.

Sky Flyers/Helicopters: A firework that rises by spinning rapidly.

Sparklers: Similar effect to glitter, same effect as a handheld sparkler except in a firework.

Stars: A glowing flaming ball of colored light or colorless crackle.

Strobe: Similar to glitter, bright flashing lights within a firework.

Tail: A trail of color or effects that follows a shell as it’s propelled skyward, like a comet.

Time Rain: Crackle that has a delay to it.

Wave: A gold/silver willow effect with colored stars streaming through the gold/silver.

Whirlwind: Aerial Shell that spins and emits showers of sparks in a spiral shape before bursting in the sky.

Whistle: The most common type occurs as the firework is rising before it bursts.

Willow: Large round aerial display resembling the many branches hanging down from a weeping willow tree.

Zipper: An effect that is achieved when rows of comets or shells are fired rapidly in a back and forth motion.