Firework Effects

Firework Effect Glossary


  • Bouquet: A round firework burst.
  • Brocade: Large round display of woven clusters in a bright star shaped burst.
  • Chrysanthemum: A round burst of tailed stars, very much like the flower it represents.

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Colors by Item

This color chart displays  the colors produced by each one of our firework products.


firework color examples

Effects by Item

This chart displays the effects given off by each one of our firework products. For descriptions of each effect, see our firework effect glossary.

Common Firework Category Descriptions


A rocket consists of a tube of rocket fuel, sealed at one end, with a choke at the other end. The burning fuel produces exhaust gases, which, when forced out of the choke, produce thrust, propelling the rocket in the other direction. At the top of its flight, most rockets burst to display a variety of effects to rival many shells.

Festival Balls / Reloadable Shells
Festival balls and reloadables are a two piece system consisting of a shell or canister shell and a mortar tube. A single shell is placed inside the mortar tube in the upright position with the fuse leading out of the tube. Mortar shells that are round on the top and flat on the bottom should have the flat part of the shell in the bottom of the mortar tube. Canister shells have an arrow on the side of them and the arrow should be facing up.

Roman Candles

Often called just ‘candles’, these burn gently for a while, periodically shooting out stars, comets or similar effects. Candles willl vary in size, giving bigger effects as the size increases, or will be grouped in multiples in cakes or batteries giving a faster rate of firing.


Exactly as its name implies the fountain emits shower of sparks (‘Golden Rain’ or ‘Silver Rain’ are two typical fountains). Often used in multiples, for instance in Set Pieces. A variation of the fountain can be seen in the Waterfall, where the spray cascades downwards.


Need no description but are mentioned here with a cautionary word: although the sparkler is a delightful firework and rightfully popular with children, it is often forgotten that for just a few seconds what is left is a piece of almost red-hot wire. Be careful.