Safety Tips for Reloadable Shells

Safety Tips & Information for Artillery/Reloadable Shells:

What is a festival ball or reloadable shell?
Festival balls and reloadables are a two piece system consisting of a shell or canister shell and a mortar tube. A single shell is placed inside the mortar tube in the upright position with the fuse leading out of the tube. Mortar shells that are round on the top and flat on the bottom should have the flat part of the shell in the bottom of the mortar tube. Canister shells have an arrow on the side of them and the arrow should be facing up. **It is important to note: at no time should you place your face, hands or any body part over the mortar**.

Why would a person choose reloadables in addition to aerial cake fireworks?
Reloadables are an excellent addition to any fireworks show. It allows the shooter to extend their budget and the time of their display. It also allows the shooter to feel like a professional pyrotechnician by loading his/her individual shells. This allows the shooter to truly customize their show.

Who should be lighting reloadables?
The person lighting them should be at least 21 years old and be healthy enough to quickly retreat from the lighting area to provide for greater safety.

Where to light them?
Always consider the location, making sure to follow the same rules as you would use firing any aerial firework. A hard flat surface with the proper safety distance is 300’ X 300’.

How to secure mortars?
The base of the mortar needs to be secured on a hard flat surface by placing them in a five gallon bucket of dry sand filled within two inches of the top of the mortar tube. Make sure the mortar base is covered with sand. Duct tape will not sufficiently secure a mortar and prevent it from falling over.

How long should I wait before reloading shell or canister into the mortar tube?
Wait at least two minutes. If after two minutes, you still see smoke in the mortar tube, wait until the smoke clears.

How many times can I use one mortar tube?
It is our recommendation that you follow the manufacturer’s specifications and only use the shells and mortar tube that came in the shell kit. Each tube is to be disposed of properly upon finishing the box of shells.
Example: a shell kit comes with 12 shells and 2 mortar tubes. Upon finishing 6 shells in a mortar tube it should no longer be used. The over-use of a mortar tube will increase the hazard of the tube failing and an accident occurring.

What should I use to light them?
It is best to use a grill stick lighter or torch lighter.

Follow Local Laws and Use Common Sense – Follow your local and state laws regarding the display and possession of fireworks. Make certain to read and follow all directions, caution labels and warnings labels on each individual firework device and use good common sense when using fireworks. “See NH Community Restriction list below.”

Additional safety information may be found at the following resources listed below: